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15 Sep 2016

Leasehold vs Freehold for Investment in Dubai

What is Freehold property vs. Leasehold property? In a first-of-its-kind initiative in 2001 the Dubai government permitted 99-year ownership of Dubai real estate for non-GCC nationals. This was known as leasehold ownership. In 2002 Dubai Crown Prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, issued the freehold property decree, permitting non-GCC and non-UAE nationals 100% ownership in specific areas within Dubai, regardless of whether the buyer is living in the Emirates. This freehold property decree created a massive residential property boom in […]

07 Sep 2016

Dubai Real Estate Spotlight – Act 1 | Act 2 is Spectacular

With the launch of The Dubai Opera and Act 1 | Act 2, a slew of international attention has been directed at the exquisite Opera District in Downtown Dubai. Investors looking to get in early on this history-making project are waiting in anticipation for a last chance to own a piece of Emaar’s latest group of residences, which are expected to set an even higher bar for the already luxurious Downtown Dubai residential community. Besides the obvious landmark appeal of […]

01 Sep 2016

Buying a Studio Apartment in Dubai? Here’s 3 Quick Tips for Success

Buying a studio apartment in Dubai is a great, low entry barrier investment for first-time investors looking to break into the highly profitable Dubai real estate market. Studio apartments are considered a safe investment choice for their high occupancy rates. Because of their popularity, studio apartments in Dubai are difficult to come by, and developers often report selling out of studio apartment before any other floor plan. Zola Group Real Estate consultants have exclusive access to several of the most […]

29 Aug 2016

The Benefits of Investing in a 1 Bedroom Apartment in Dubai

A 1 bedroom apartment in Dubai is a great investment and remains the most popular option among property buyers looking to maximize returns on investment. Because of this, property developers in the design phase of a new development will always ensure they incorporate the maximum number of single bedroom floor plans into a residential tower, if they want to sell-out quickly. A 1 bedroom apartment in Dubai may not generate the highest price per square foot, although it is in […]

26 Aug 2016

A Guide to Purchasing a 2 Bedroom Apartment in Dubai

A 2 bedroom apartment is a great investment option in Dubai. Apartments of this type are widely available, relatively affordable and in very high demand. With a large segment of the expat population in Dubai being “small families”, composed of spouses and one or two young children, a two bedroom apartment simply fits their space requirements, generously. Because of the high demand for apartments of this type, occupancy rates and rental rates are inherently high. It is not uncommon to […]

18 Aug 2016

This 2 Bedroom Townhouse in Dubai is Impressive – Serena

Serena by Dubai Properties recently opened the flood gates for investors to get their hands on one of the best property investments currently available in Dubai. The current offer for the luxury 2 bedroom townhouse can only be defined as a great deal. Here’s the short: A low entry barrier of 10% down On an AED 1.3 M (USD 355k) townhouse (starting price), that’s AED 130,000 (USD 35k). This is an extremely reasonable amount for a 2 bedroom townhouse in […]

16 Aug 2016

Finding the Best 3 Bedroom Houses in Dubai

A wide range of 3 Bedroom houses in Dubai are found within communities that cater to family-centric lifestyles. These communities tend to provide a variety of useful amenities, such as schools, 24 hour security, parks, community centers, daycare, nurseries, walking/cycling paths and convenience stores. Choosing the perfect 3 bedroom house in Dubai will depend on a handful of factors set by the buyer’s needs; such as price, size, location and finish quality. When evaluating a property it’s important to consider […]

14 Aug 2016

Why Foreign Investors are Buying up all the Real Estate in Dubai

Foreign investment accounts for a significant portion of UAE GDP. An impressive percentage of which can be attributed to real estate buys. Real estate in Dubai has been a sound investment since the world started paying attention to the opportunities that this region has to offer, when dealing with a politically and economically stable country. Unfortunately, there are not many destinations in the region which would be considered stable, and even less which have opened their doors so widely to […]

13 Aug 2016

Dubai Marina Apartments – A Popular Investment Option

  Why Invest in Dubai Marina Apartments? Dubai Marina has long been one of Dubai’s most thriving districts. Dubai Marina Apartments are ideally located and surrounded by endless amenities that add both quality of life and immense convenience. Investing in Dubai Marina Apartments have always ensured higher than average occupancy and high tenant retention. Longtime residents of Dubai Marina insist they would never live anywhere else. The district has long been hailed an “investor goldmine” and it continues to see […]

11 Aug 2016

Real Estate Investment Properties you Should Know About

Dubai is in the midst of an economic boom. As one of the world’s leading emerging markets, the UAE has seen a steady increase in the number of residential and commercial properties made available to international investors. Foreign direct investment in the UAE accounts for a significant percentage of GDP, with a major portion directed at the Dubai real estate industry. Real estate investment properties are widely available and most investors should have no issues finding an investment within their […]