Buying a Studio Apartment in Dubai? Here’s 3 Quick Tips for Success

studio apartment in dubai

Buying a studio apartment in Dubai is a great, low entry barrier investment for first-time investors looking to break into the highly profitable Dubai real estate market. Studio apartments are considered a safe investment choice for their high occupancy rates. Because of their popularity, studio apartments in Dubai are difficult to come by, and developers often report selling out of studio apartment before any other floor plan. Zola Group Real Estate consultants have exclusive access to several of the most popular studio apartment properties in Dubai. Contact us to speak with a property consultant about your investment goals.

Tips for Purchasing a Studio Apartment in Dubai

Know Your Investment Goals

Although “to make money” is a great goal to have, it’s really a given when buying a studio apartment in Dubai for investment. Most real estate investments will turn a profit, eventually. It’s wise to establish a timeframe of your returns and set a realistic ROI goal that ticks all of your boxes. Having realistic expectations is really the key to seeing success in your investment. A good benchmark to follow is a minimum of 6% and a maximum of 8% net annual ROI. Make sure to take into consideration all recurring fees, such as service charges or HOA fees when calculating the expected return on investment for your studio apartment in Dubai. An investor looking to benefit more from capital appreciation may forego high rental returns to benefit more in the long-term. Know your goal and choose your investment property accordingly.

Choose a Reputable Developer

Choose one of Dubai’s top-developer properties and, not only will your property be of higher quality, be maintained-well and handed over on time; but you’ll benefit from the developer’s unwavering need to fortify their reputation in the Dubai real estate market. How do they solidify a reputation as a top developer? They create great properties, market them well and consistently give investors the tools they need to profit from their properties. Major developers stand to lose a dedicated following of high-net-worth investors if they develop properties that do not satiate their client’s appetite for reliable, highly profitable real estate.

Recruit the Services of a Professional Property Consultant

Property consultants in Dubai have their hands on the pulse of the real estate market. Your consultant should provide you with all availability, prices, and payment schemes of properties that fit your needs. More than anything, a property consultant should also be capable of consulting on investment opportunities within Dubai. Their wide base of knowledge and their developer relationships make them an invaluable source of information and guidance. Zola Group consultants are always available to share their years of market knowledge. Speak with a consultant today to inquire about buying a studio apartment in Dubai.

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