Finding the Best 3 Bedroom Houses in Dubai

3 bedroom villas in dubai

A wide range of 3 Bedroom houses in Dubai are found within communities that cater to family-centric lifestyles. These communities tend to provide a variety of useful amenities, such as schools, 24 hour security, parks, community centers, daycare, nurseries, walking/cycling paths and convenience stores. Choosing the perfect 3 bedroom house in Dubai will depend on a handful of factors set by the buyer’s needs; such as price, size, location and finish quality. When evaluating a property it’s important to consider these factors.

Price of 3 Bedroom Houses in Dubai

A 3 bedroom house in Dubai can cost anywhere from AED 900 per sq. ft. to AED 3,000 per sq. ft. These prices vary heavily, depending on location and developer, so it’s important to speak with a property consultant to get the average sq. ft. for specific projects or areas before evaluating a property.

Size of 3 Bedroom Houses in Dubai

The average built-up area (BUA) for 3 bedroom houses in Dubai typically occupies about 2,000 – 2,500 sq. ft., with additional bare land area added for total plot size. BUA and Plot Size costs are different, so be sure to calculate accordingly.

Locations for 3 Bedroom Houses in Dubai

Villa communities are extremely common in Dubai. Most new villa communities are located in the new MBR City and in the Dubailand district. Several villa communities are specifically designed to cater to a young-family’s needs, as developers have aimed to satisfy an increasing demand from that sector. For this reason, it is not uncommon these communities will be ideally located in areas that have access to much needed amenities.

Finish Quality of 3 Bedroom Houses in Dubai

Build and finish quality is typically at the whim of the property developer. Some developers will reduce costs by using value-driven finishes, whilst some developers prefer to impress the end-user with imported luxury finishes. Keep in mind that higher quality finishes can drastically increase the sq. ft. cost of the overall property. Some property buyers would prefer to spend less on a 3 bedroom house and use the savings to re-finish the house to their taste. It’s a matter of preference. If you have no intention to re-finish your own property, it’s best to seek developers that emphasize the quality of their chosen interior finishes.

3 Bedroom Houses in Dubai

Of the many options for 3 bedroom villas in Dubai, there are few which have garnered overwhelming preference from new home buyers. Zola Group Real Estate has the latest listings for preferred villas within Dubai. See the latest property listings here.

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