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17 Nov 2016

3 Ways to get a UAE Residency Visa

The UAE is, by far, one of the most attractive destinations in the world to reside. It offers those who reside hear the benefits of a luxury lifestyle, numerous business opportunity and world-class amenities. A high standard of living, coupled with economic and personal safety makes the UAE Residency Visa a highly valuable document to have. Relative to its value, getting a UAE residency visa is not difficult. There are typically three pathways available to foreign nationals to gain residency in […]

07 Nov 2016

How to Setup a Branch Office in Dubai

Setting up a Branch Office in Dubai Under the Commercial Companies Act Number 8 of 1984, a branch office of a foreign company in not considered to be a separate entity. It is simply a representative office of the parent company and shall undergo all business activities under its original name. A branch office may promote and market the products or services of the parent company (there are a few restrictions), enter into transactions, offer services and write agreements in the name […]

07 Nov 2016

Why Seek a Local Agent for UAE Company Setup

UAE company formation agents, such as Zola Group, play a key role in assisting foreign nationals and expats incorporate in the UAE – efficiently, cost-effectively and without hindrance. Their role is more consultative and advisory than anything else. Investors quickly realise the importance of having local knowledge when they begin the process of researching the opportunity of setting up a UAE company. Additionally, local company registration agents are able to complete many tasks on the investor’s behalf; such as submitting documents, […]

06 Nov 2016

UAE Offshore Company Formation – Who’s it For?

UAE offshore company formation has become increasingly popular among wealthy individuals who desire to protect their financial assets in a safe and secure, tax free jurisdiction. The legislation, which governs Dubai Offshore Companies, was enacted in Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza) in Dubai in May 2003. It provides for a secure environment for investors without the levels of unnecessary intrusion and bureaucracy found in other offshore jurisdictions. The advantages to setting up a UAE offshore company are great as the UAE business climate […]

06 Nov 2016

10 Reasons to Start a Business in UAE

  Start a Business in UAE There are several reasons to start a business in UAE; so much so, that narrowing them down to just ten is a challenge. Since its founding in 1971, the UAE has provided a safe-haven for ambitious business minded individuals and companies from around the world. Even today, the drive to establish success in the UAE is strong among entrepreneurs. There are new companies opening every day in the UAE, and the success rate for new business […]

06 Nov 2016

Free Zone Company vs Free Zone Establishment (FZ-LLC vs FZE)

A Free Zone Company is a fantastic option for business owners who want to setup in Dubai. Dubai is arguably one of the world’s fastest growing business destinations. Historically, it is one of the youngest cities in the world to have evolved so rapidly. The success shared by many business owners in such a short period of time is a sure sign that this city has found a formula that works. Currently the most popular business setup option is a […]

03 Nov 2016

Dubai Freezone Company Costs and Requirements Explained

Setting up as a freezone company in Dubai is an economical choice for business owners. Freezone company costs are typically lower than local company costs. Business owners choose to open freezone companies instead of local companies mainly because they prefer to operate with 100% ownership. This is dissimilar to local companies, which only allow up to 49% ownership by foreign nationals, and a minimum of 51% ownership by a GCC national. Freezones offer many benefits. They are designed to encourage foreign […]

02 Nov 2016

Everything you Need to Know About Opening a UAE Offshore Bank Account

Opening a UAE offshore bank account can offer businesses a beneficial means of managing their money effectively. Companies with larger assets may consider placing a portion of their assets into an offshore bank account as a form of asset protection. One benefits to this, is that offshore banks have little to no taxes, which is one of the main reasons opening a UAE offshore bank account has become increasingly popular. However, there are plenty of other reasons why someone might choose to open and […]

02 Nov 2016

The Different Types of Bank Accounts in Dubai and their Requirements

There are many different types of bank accounts in Dubai. The most common being a personal account, which is usually used as an employee salary transfer account. Other account types include offshore bank accounts, corporate/company bank accounts, private bank accounts. Whichever type of account you choose, you should get to know the requirements for the different types of bank accounts in Dubai, below. Bank Account Requirements Your eligibility to open a Dubai bank account is subject to: The type of the account […]

02 Nov 2016

How to Start a Business in Dubai or UAE

It’s quite a common question. How to start a business in Dubai is actually one of the most common inquiries we get a Zola Group. It’s a valid question that has many answers, depending on the entrepreneur’s needs. It’s also a general question which is difficult to answer without context. In this article, we’ll discuss how to start a business in Dubai under the most popular contexts. How to Start a Business in Dubai While Overseas Starting a business while residing […]