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02 Jul 2016

Buy Property in Dubai Whilst Abroad – The Dos and Don’ts

It is relatively low-risk to buy property in Dubai whilst residing abroad. With thousands of foreign investors entering the property market every month, Dubai has systems in place to cater to property buyers who may not have the time or ability to be present for the transaction. Though the laws governing funds entering the UAE are considered lenient, the laws that protect investments and the procedures of purchasing property are stringent. That being said, there are some things to keep in […]

02 Jul 2016

Average Rental Yields of Dubai Investment Districts

Diversity makes Dubai one of the greatest investment cities in the world. On the same note, diversity is also what makes Dubai difficult to understand for many investors. See the infographic below to get an understanding of what areas have the highest return. The districts with the lower return are more established and tend to be a safer investment over the newer, higher return districts. Zola Group Real Estate Services are available to local and international clients looking to take advantage of the […]

30 Jun 2016

10 Reasons Savvy Investors Choose to Invest in Dubai

Expanding an investment portfolio to include the global market allows investors to take advantage of emerging markets and untapped investment opportunities. Although Dubai’s real estate market is far from untapped, it remains one of the most underestimated investment opportunities in the world. Here are 10 reasons why seasoned investors choose to invest in Dubai. Stable Economic Growth The UAE, outside of the GFC years, has shown considerable economic growth, year after year. Despite a definite blow by the GFC, Dubai has evidently recovered extremely well, […]