Dubai, the gateway to the Middle East, is both an inviting proposition to outsiders who wish to come and visit, while simultaneously being less approachable for foreign investors wishing to take part in its dynamic economy and real estate market.

Zola Group is the single point of contact for the high net worth individuals, investors, and opportunistic entrepreneurs who come to Dubai in hopes of tapping into the vibrant real estate market, or taking part in its ever-expanding business opportunities which become the stuff of legend in international circles.

As a multi-faceted consultancy company, based in Dubai, we work with corporate and individual clients, helping them cut out red tape, avoid bureaucratic delays, and be introduced to the circles of power that help drive the economy of the UAE forward.

With its breathtaking city skylines, Dubai is all at once a poster of capitalism and a city with established practices that can be difficult to navigate without the proper local connections. Allow us to be your personal guide to the crowning jewel of the Middle East.

Let’s explore how our services can best align with your goals.

Corporate Services

Incorporation, Banking & Residency Advice and Assistance

Headquartered in the global business hub of Dubai, we help both, individuals and international businesses break into markets in the Middles East, Africa, Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean. We transcend industries and borders to optimize our client’s business ventures.

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Real Estate

Commerical / Residential / Rentals / Management

With buildings that seem to defy physics and landmarks which are visible from space, everything about Dubai real estate is majestic and awe-inspiring. At Zola Group, we focus on assisting institutional as well as private investors in every aspect of real estate transactions. We assist clients with purchase or sale of commercial and residential properties, high-end rentals of prime properties as well as property management in Dubai and most of the prime locations all over the world.

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Projects / Intermediation / Private Clients

One of the rules in leading successful negotiations is to always negotiate on your home turf. For our foreign clients, this means they are immediately starting at a disadvantage while doing business in Dubai.

Instead of attempting to secure real estate, government projects, local contracts, or any other engagement that will require negotiating in an unfamiliar environment, clients rely on our network and expertise in the matters of Dubai related business. With decades of experience in dealing with power brokers locally, as well as internationally, we are the integral part of our client’s success when doing business in Dubai.

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How Can Zola Help?

Professional Solutions

We continually assist through all stages of the business lifecycle, from the company’s formation to ongoing support and local statutory compliance. With our assistance and professional service, our clients are able to focus their efforts on their core operations and business targets, letting us handle the necessary procedures, while always maintaining quality service and timely delivery.

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