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Expanding your real estate footprint in the UAE or surrounding areas requires a know how of the real estate market that comes with time and connections.

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Following is a partial listing of some of properties available for sale or rent though Zola.

In case you have a specific interest and do not find an appropriate property please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We are confident that will be able to locate and assist with purchasing or renting any property currently available in Dubai. Moreover some of the properties we offer are not even listed on the open market and are only available though Zola Group due to our long established contacts with the property managers and owners.

Furthermore, as dynamic and profitable as the Dubai property market is there are very attractive deals to be made and returns to be gained by purchasing or renting in various international locations. From London to Singapore to New York we are proud to be able to help our clients take advantage of opportunities, which are most often not available on the open market.

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    We are experts in picking prime locations in a market that is constantly changing.

    Besides identifying key locations, our office can facilitate the negotiation and purchase process. No matter if the transaction is a complex commercial deal, a simple individual purchase, or a rental property transaction, we can help you navigate the market and make the right choice for your specific situation. Once you’ve made your purchase, we can help you manage your property and make the most out of your investment. Learn more about the services we offer and how we can make your next international real estate deal simple, quick and profitable.

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