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02 Nov 2016

Business Setup in Dubai – A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Just as with most highly rewarding entrepreneurial markets, business setup in Dubai will require a fair amount of research and planning. In Dubai setting up a business is not difficult, although it can be confusing. Navigating the different laws in each business jurisdiction and deciding on the best business license that best suits your needs is something that every entrepreneur must face, whether in Dubai or internationally. The process of a business setup in Dubai is also time-consuming and requires […]

18 Oct 2016

Dubai Real Estate Spotlight – Sobha Hartland Villas

Sobha Hartland Villas is an extraordinary freehold community that hosts a wide range of modern villas. With four different floor plans to choose from, this project provides comfort and luxury in the center of Dubai. It has also been hailed as one of the most promising investments that currently exist in Dubai real estate. A significant reputation and a hot selling point among Dubai’s most seasoned investors. Sobha Hartland villas offer unmatched privacy with an L-shaped design that surrounds the courtyard. The Project offers four, […]

16 Oct 2016

Finding the Right Property for Sale in Dubai

If you’re in the market for a new or secondary market property in Dubai, you may have already become overwhelmed by the process. This brief guide aims to give you a starting point as to where to begin searching for your perfect property for sale in Dubai. The Dubai property market likes to segregate properties by the following criteria: End-Use Property for Sale in Dubai These properties are intended to be sold to end-users (i.e. people who intend to live […]

13 Oct 2016

Flats for Sale in Dubai – Luxury that Won’t Break the Bank

Dubai is synonymous with luxury. It’s one of the few cities in the world that makes it a mission to out-luxury every other destination, in every aspect. Dubai has become known for super cars, super yachts, and super towers that exceed the height of most mountains. In the city of extreme opulence, boasting the most luxurious homes in the world is no exception. But buying luxury flats for sale in Dubai doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. Almost all luxury […]

11 Oct 2016

When to Buy Property in Dubai – Why Timing is Everything

Over the years, Dubai has seen its fair share of sharp ups and downs in the real estate market. It’s almost certain that no investor, not even Dubai’s most infamous real estate tycoons, can accurately predict the rise and fall of the market. Though, even without this kind of knowledge, top investors still play the market and profit greatly from it, time and time again. So how do you time the market to buy property in Dubai, without a crystal ball? […]

10 Oct 2016

Dubai Real Estate Spotlight – Arabian Ranches Phase 2

About Arabian Ranches Phase 2 Arabian Ranches Phase 1 has long been one of Dubai’s most sought after residential developments. It has successfully set the benchmark for luxurious, serene, communities in Dubai and maintains the high quality expected from Emaar, the developer and Arabtec, the contractor. Although phase 1 was an overwhelming success, there has recently been an increased demand for more modern, high-end, freehold villas and townhouses around Dubai. A need that has been sufficiently met by the initiation […]

09 Oct 2016

The Best Investment Villas for Sale in Dubai

Buying villas for sale in Dubai continues  to be one of the most proven-profitable property investments in the world. Expat real estate investors agree that investing in Dubai property is safer, more reliable and more rewarding than investing in their home countries. The preferential treatment Dubai gets from its global investors did not come overnight, nor did its overwhelmingly positive reputation. Dubai has had difficult economic trials, like many other investment destinations, but it has shown the world that it’s able to […]

25 Sep 2016

Avoid Portals When Seeking Apartments for Sale in Dubai

It’s not difficult to locate apartments for sale in Dubai. Several property portals are inundated with new listings in Dubai, daily. It’s as easy as hopping on a property portal, filling in your property criteria and sifting through the hundreds, or thousands of options that meet your requirements. So why did we feel it was necessary to write this article? Simple, the properties that will populate your screen will inevitably cause property buyers to waste hours in research, days in […]

18 Sep 2016

Dubai Real Estate Spotlight – AKOYA Imagine by DAMAC

About AKOYA Imagine by DAMAC Properties DAMAC Properties has long been a leading property developer in the Dubai real estate landscape. With previously successful property launches in their repertoire, the master developer is now turning their attention to the second phase of the AKOYA Imagine project, set for handover in Q3 2019. The first phase saw popularity, with global investors accounting for the majority of buyers; a good indicator of trust in the developer and in the future success of […]

15 Sep 2016

Read Before you Buy a Villa in Dubai: 3 Tips from Investors

Looking to buy a villa in Dubai? It’s a significant financial decision for most individuals but it is highly profitable and widely considered a secure investment option by top investors. Although villa purchases are quite common, with thousands of real estate transactions every month in Dubai, it is far from simple. In fact, a large number of transactions are conducted by buyers who have purchased property in Dubai before. Investors have figured out a strategy to getting the most out […]