Avoid Portals When Seeking Apartments for Sale in Dubai

It’s not difficult to locate apartments for sale in Dubai. Several property portals are inundated with new listings in Dubai, daily. It’s as easy as hopping on a property portal, filling in your property criteria and sifting through the hundreds, or thousands of options that meet your requirements. So why did we feel it was necessary to write this article? Simple, the properties that will populate your screen will inevitably cause property buyers to waste hours in research, days in phone calls, and weeks in email communication with real estate agents who only want one thing; their commission cheques.

Although it’s very possible to find the right apartments, it’s inefficient and sometimes misleading; to the point that some buyers delay purchasing property until they have more time to deal with the overwhelming frustrations that are sure to creep up. Here are just a few of the issues with property portals when looking for apartments for sale in Dubai.

Phoney listings

Agents will often list properties which are not necessarily available on the market. They do this to generate inquiries and to take a potential buyer’s contact details to offer them the properties that they do have. These properties are often less than impressive and not what the buyer was originally searching for.

Repeated listings

Different agents will list the same property, sometimes with differing information. This either means that none of them have the property, or that the landlord has made the property open to a number of agents to sell, and given them all different information. A buyer will never know if he’s getting the best price possible for a property, or if he’s paying far too much.

Expired listings

Some agencies do not follow-up with their listings as frequently as they should. This leads to the appearance of many available apartments for sale in Dubai, when in reality the apartments have already been sold or have been removed from the market by the property owner for other reasons.

Inexperienced agents

Agents are free to list their properties without much oversight or review. This causes problems when buyers call to inquire about a property. Many times an agent will not know which property you are referring, making the experience of using a portal a cumbersome and frustrating one.

With property portals in Dubai being as they are, Zola Group believes that investors have other options when looking for apartments for sale in Dubai, so they may easily and quickly find the property that suits their distinct needs.

Alternatives to the Portals when Searching for Apartments for Sale in Dubai

Buyer/Agent Relationships

Instead of searching for a property, an investor should be searching for an agent, first. When a trusted, reputable agency is found, the buyer may then proceed to recruit their assistance in finding the right property. This approach will see a far less troublesome experience in finding the right property and will help to build a trusting, ongoing relationship between both parties.

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Off Plan Property

Apartments for sale in Dubai can fall into two categories; off-plan and ready properties. Off plan properties are incomplete and are purchasable in the design and construction phases. They offer a standard price set by the developer, easy payment plans and financing options, lower prices than ready properties and the ability to choose from multiple floor plans. When it comes to investment options in Dubai, finding the right off plan property is a highly profitable endeavor. They are rarely listed on property portals as agents must have agreements with developers in order to advertise and sell their properties. The only caveat is that buyers will sometimes not receive their properties immediately, depending on the progress of the project. Investors looking for off plan property in Dubai are invited to contact Zola Group to get the latest listings and prices.

Apartments for sale in Dubai are highly regarded as great investment options and they continue to show great reward for investors as the Dubai real estate landscape evolves and matures.

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