Finding the Right Property for Sale in Dubai

property for sale in dubai

If you’re in the market for a new or secondary market property in Dubai, you may have already become overwhelmed by the process. This brief guide aims to give you a starting point as to where to begin searching for your perfect property for sale in Dubai.

The Dubai property market likes to segregate properties by the following criteria:

End-Use Property for Sale in Dubai

These properties are intended to be sold to end-users (i.e. people who intend to live in and make a home of the property). End users will be the direct beneficiaries of a property. End-use properties are easily identified by the verbiage used by brokers or developers to describe the different benefits of the property. End-use properties are mostly found on the secondary market, as a resale property. In most cases these are tell-tale signs for an end-use property for sale in Dubai:

  • Emphasis on the lifestyle that accompanies a property
  • Emphasis on the community amenities
  • Emphasis on plot size
  • Attention to interior finish details
  • Properties that come furnished by the developer
  • Properties that have long term payment plans or pre-approved financing

Investment Property for Sale in Dubai

Investment properties can be found all over Dubai. They are intended to be sold to investors who may never live in the property. The goal of the investor is to purchase the property for a low price, benefit from rental yields for several years, then re-sell the property at an appreciated value. These types of properties are mostly sold on the primary off-plan real estate market. Most investment properties can be identified easily by the following factors:

  • Properties for sale in the early stages of construction (or pre-construction)
  • Emphasis on price
  • Emphasis on built-up area
  • Properties that have shorter payment plans
  • Less emphasis on build quality

Mixed Intent Property for Sale in Dubai

Properties referred to as Mixed Intent are viable for either end-use or investment. Although these properties may not afford the most desirable lifestyle, or offer investor-level pricing; your specific needs will allow you to dictate the direction you wish to take that property.

Here are a few simple approaches to finding a property for sale in Dubai:

To Find an an End-Use Home

  • Use property portals. However, beware of false listings and misdirection from unscrupulous real estate agents
  • Speak with one of the RERA certified real estate companies in Dubai

To Find an Investor Property

  • Speak with developers who currently have investment offers
  • Speak with Zola Group for real estate investment consultations

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