How to Start a Business in Dubai or UAE

how to start a business in dubai

It’s quite a common question. How to start a business in Dubai is actually one of the most common inquiries we get a Zola Group. It’s a valid question that has many answers, depending on the entrepreneur’s needs. It’s also a general question which is difficult to answer without context. In this article, we’ll discuss how to start a business in Dubai under the most popular contexts.

How to Start a Business in Dubai While Overseas

Starting a business while residing abroad is extremely common in the UAE. Many companies are opened by local agents, like Zola Group, who can handle the majority of the process on the owner’s behalf. The owner of the company will only be required to be present at the time a company bank account is opened. If a business owner resides abroad, they will need to decide which kind of company they would like to open, then contact us for a list of required documents. We’ll take care of the rest.

How to Start a Business in Dubai Without a UAE Residency Visa

This process is not so different from the above. One can recruit us to expedite the process and make sure there are no issues, or they can choose to complete the process on their own. Whichever they choose, a visa is not required to open a company, however a visa will be available to you (unless you open an offshore company) once you register the business. The visa will be required when opening a bank account, which you cannot do as a non resident.

How to Start a Business in Dubai on a Budget

There are freezones in the surrounding Emirates which may prove to be more economical than Dubai. These freezones are completely legitimate and provide many business services to new business that may prove to be helpful. Fujeirah, UAQ and RAK all have very popular free trade zones. As most trade licenses in the UAE will require office rental/purchase (except for offshore companies as they cannot operate in the UAE), the cost of setting up in Dubai or other Emirates is not accessible to everyone.

How to Start a Business in Dubai with a Bank Account

Once a company has been set up in Dubai, the registered owner of the company will be eligible to go to any of the main banks to open a bank account. As stated above, the company owner is required to be present to open the account. A corporate bank account will take up to 7 days to open, although owners who do not wish to wait in the UAE may exit after initialising the process.

How to Start a Business in Dubai Without Getting an Office

The only option is to open an offshore company. The downside to this is that you may not conduct business within the UAE. Offshore companies are great for businesses that make their money overseas. It allows business people to open a bank account and offers financial protection in a safe, tax-free jurisdiction. It is also one of the most cost-effective means of opening a company. Owners of an offshore company may not receive or provide any residency visas from the company, however, they may purchase a property to receive an investor visa. Investors interested in opening an offshore company, bank account and property may contact Zola Group to have it all done under one roof by certified professionals.

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