Why Seek a Local Agent for UAE Company Setup

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UAE company formation agents, such as Zola Group, play a key role in assisting foreign nationals and expats incorporate in the UAE – efficiently, cost-effectively and without hindrance. Their role is more consultative and advisory than anything else. Investors quickly realise the importance of having local knowledge when they begin the process of researching the opportunity of setting up a UAE company. Additionally, local company registration agents are able to complete many tasks on the investor’s behalf; such as submitting documents, getting certificates attested, renting office space and dealing with banks. They may also be in a position to expedite the process of opening a company through their network of government personnel. Their services play an important role in sustaining a business infrastructure conducive to success. Zola Group can also provide investors with detailed market reports and business plans to further ensure their success in the UAE market. Below are some other reasons to seek a local agent for UAE company setup:

  • Advice on correct jurisdiction, license and company structure for your business needs
  • Assistance in completing all necessary documentation and applications
  • Submission of all documents and applications
  • Careful monitoring and follow-up throughout the application process
  • Assistance in opening a company bank account
  • Employment and residency visas
  • Degree attestation
  • Assistance with medical test requirements
  • All future business license renewal requirements

Investors with Reservations About Sending Money Abroad

Due to the nature of setting up a company in the UAE, in many cases, company registration agents will request the bulk of the fees be made before the process is started. Many investors feel uncomfortable sending money to a foreign country, without ever having met a representative from the company. For investors residing abroad, we encourage you to speak with a consultant over the phone and to request a copy of the local registration agent’s trade license. All of Zola Group’s business functions are licensed and monitored by the UAE government. Our consultants have long-standing relationships and reputations within the UAE and abroad.

How Long Will it Take to Setup a UAE Company?

With the help of Zola Group, it will take anywhere between 14 days and 30 days, depending on the type of license and the Emirate in which you choose to setup in. The duration is also highly dependent on the completeness of all documents. If a document is to be returned for review (common when investors attempt to setup a UAE company without an agent, especially since requirements often change without notice), the time to complete a company registration can double.

How to Get in Touch with Zola Group

You may fill out any form on our website to request a call from a corporate services consultant. The consultant will give you all details and guide you towards the next step in the process. You may also visit or call our offices in Dubai.


Zola Group offers holistic corporate services to local and global business clients. Our most popular comprehensive services include company setup, incorporation, residency and banking services. Contact our professional corporate services consultants via phone or email to inquire about how we can help you achieve success in this region's most rewarding emerging market.