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04 Aug 2016

Real Estate Dubai – Top Property Developments for Investors

Zola Group Real Estate Dubai has its finger on the pulse of Dubai’s real estate market. With thousands of investors entering the Dubai real estate market every month, it is evident which properties attract strong investor response, and which ones simply do not. Investor interest can be triggered by several factors, including: Market prices Government initiatives to develop the property location Flexible and investor-friendly payment plans Developer trust Handover dates Lifestyle opportunities Zola Group Real Estate Dubai aims to guide […]

31 Jul 2016

Dubai Real Estate Highlight – Azizi Residences

Dubai Real Estate Community Highlight Al Furjan Al Furjan, Dubai’s latest residential community, is the location of the fascinating and diverse residences by Azizi Group. With Nakheel as the Master Developer, a community plan was formed to comprise of four unique villages: North Village, South Village, East Village and West Village. Each village will boast its own distinct characteristics to harbor a close-knit community feel. Al Furjan includes roughly 4,000 villas, apartments, hotels and commercial properties with some mixed-use plots […]

31 Jul 2016

Buy an Apartment in Dubai – 3 Popular off-plan Investments

Of the several reasons given by property buyers in Dubai to go “off-plan” when looking to buy an apartment in Dubai, investment usually tops the list. In a previous article we showed evidence that apartments have the potential to generate higher yields, when compare to villas in Dubai. Although capital gains are better had through villa investments, apartment investments generally have lower buy-in amounts and they benefit from higher rental demand by the expat community – so it makes sense […]

30 Jul 2016

Apartment for Sale in Dubai Vs. Villa – Which Nets Better Yields?

Whether you’re looking for an apartment for sale in Dubai, or a villa; if you’re a property investor in the market to purchase real estate in Dubai, it’s in your best interest to know which property type nets the greatest returns on your investment. With the average investor seeing between 6-10% rental returns, it’s important to know how to get as close as possible to the top-end of that range for your investment property. To lay the groundwork for this […]

29 Jul 2016

Buy a House in Dubai – Top 3 Areas to Look

Living in Dubai gives you access to a seemingly endless variety of breathtaking houses and villas. When the time comes to buy a house in Dubai, buyers are more-or-less overwhelmed by their options. It helps to have a location in mind before you begin your house hunting efforts. This approach means less wasted hours and more chances to find the perfect property, in the perfect location. When looking at areas to purchase a house in Dubai, buyers should consider the following […]

28 Jul 2016

Real Estate Companies in Dubai – The Right Brokerage

Depending on your needs, finding the right real estate companies in Dubai can be confusing. A real estate broker that understands your unique property needs can make the (usually painful) property buying/leasing process relatively easy. Although all brokers should be licensed to conduct real estate operations, some are more specialized than others, and therefore more capable. A broker that is experienced in a sub-sector within the real estate industry will be able guide you in the right direction; but that’s not all. […]

27 Jul 2016

Villa for Sale in Dubai – How to Find the Perfect Villa

Dubai is one of the most multi-national destinations in the world. The modern city plays host to expats from all over the globe and it tries to cater to everyone. With expats and foreign nationals feeling so accommodated in Dubai, it only makes sense that many want to try to make a long-term home here and find a villa for sale in Dubai. Finding a villa in Dubai is not difficult; it’s finding the right villa that becomes daunting. With […]

26 Jul 2016

Off Plan Property in Dubai – The Risk of Expo 2020?

As it stands, Dubai’s off plan property market is booming. In some cases off plan property in Dubai is being bought-up by investors, just about as fast as the developers can release them. Other off-plan property developments may take some time to gain traction, but almost like clock-work, come handover, over 90% occupancy is overwhelmingly common. Market Saturation Signs and Concerns Despite several rumors of economic down-turn in recent months, developers have not slowed in their pursuit to grow and […]

26 Jul 2016

Dubai Property for Sale to Expats – What are your Options?

Expats residing in Dubai for the long-term often see the benefits of purchasing property here, as oppose to renting. The first half of 2016 saw over Dh35bn in just under 22,000 transactions by expats and foreign investors. Available Dubai property for sale to expats comes at no shortage as we see a continued increase in transaction numbers over time. As developers expand their property and payment options to cater to Dubai’s top property buying nations; British, Indian and Pakistani, and […]

24 Jul 2016

Dubai Properties Investment – Tips from Expert Investors

As Dubai’s real estate landscape evolves and matures, the opportunity to invest and profit by buying Dubai Properties has increased. With the supply of desirable investment properties yet to exceed market demand, the ideal time to buy is now. The Ideal Dubai Properties What makes Dubai properties investment worth your time, money and risk? Experts have a fitting answer to this question: “look at the trends of successful investors, and copy them”. Zola Group approached several seasoned investors to get […]