Real Estate Companies in Dubai – The Right Brokerage

real estate companies in dubai

Depending on your needs, finding the right real estate companies in Dubai can be confusing. A real estate broker that understands your unique property needs can make the (usually painful) property buying/leasing process relatively easy. Although all brokers should be licensed to conduct real estate operations, some are more specialized than others, and therefore more capable. A broker that is experienced in a sub-sector within the real estate industry will be able guide you in the right direction; but that’s not all.

How Can a Specialist Help?

Real estate companies in Dubai that specialize in specific real estate niches are more beneficial to your needs than general real estate companies. They can help you:

  • Find the best deals
  • Get availability lists very quickly
  • Quickly navigate regulations and red-tape
  • Find a suitable property for your needs
  • Identify the different areas where your property may be available
  • Understand laws and zoning limitations surrounding different areas

General real estate companies in Dubai typically cover several areas and offer blanket services, which ultimately thin out the quality and expertise of service. There is no real estate company in Dubai that has expertise in every niche within the industry.

Common Specializations within Dubai Real Estate

  • Land Specialists
  • Rental Specialists
  • Area Specialists
  • Community Specialists
  • Sale Specialists
  • Luxury Property Specialists
  • Off Plan Specialists
  • Secondary Market Specialists
  • Freehold/Leasehold Specialists

Within each sub-category are several other sub-categories. You can have realtors that deal in selling freehold luxury villas on the Palm Jumeirah, or a sales specialist only dealing in leasehold land in Jumeirah 2; you get the point. The tricky part is identifying the specialist real estate companies.

Tips to Help you Locate Specialist Real Estate Companies in Dubai

  • Internet search for a very specific property requirement
  • Ask those who have purchased a similar property in the past
  • Look at a company’s website and Facebook page
  • Speak with the community office to get recommendations
  • Keep an eye out for signboards in relevant areas

When you find an agency that caters to your needs, make sure they’re registered with RERA and are able to legally broker real estate in Dubai. You can look up the RERA registered agents here. Take note of the agency rankings. Starting January, 2016, the Dubai Land Department has been allocating one of four ranking categories (general, bronze, silver and gold) to real estate companies in Dubai. Ranking is based on the following five criteria:

  • Experience of the Brokerage Office
  • Number of Sales Transactions
  • Commitment to Real Estate Regulations and Laws
  • Company Structure
  • Community Service Initiatives

It’s a step forward in maintaining quality assurance within the real estate industry and it helps to nurture broker-client trust.

Additional Signs that a Real Estate Company in Dubai is Trustworthy

  • Investment in marketing for their properties and services
  • Well maintained website
  • Active social media channels
  • Quality property images/videos
  • Knowledgeable consultants, eager to answer any questions

If you’re searching for a RERA registered real estate company in Dubai that has dedicated teams to consult on your property buying needs, you are invited to contact Zola Group or use the form on the right and a consultant will contact you.


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