Dubai Properties Investment – Tips from Expert Investors

dubai properties

As Dubai’s real estate landscape evolves and matures, the opportunity to invest and profit by buying Dubai Properties has increased. With the supply of desirable investment properties yet to exceed market demand, the ideal time to buy is now.

The Ideal Dubai Properties

What makes Dubai properties investment worth your time, money and risk? Experts have a fitting answer to this question: “look at the trends of successful investors, and copy them”.

Zola Group approached several seasoned investors to get a few tips about how to make the most of this trending market. For those itching to start investing in the highly profitable Dubai properties market, we suggest you take note.

Tip 1: Buy Bulk and Profit

Several heavy-hitting investors buy properties in bulk to increase return yields. For example, developers will often sell an entire floor of a new tower for 10-15% less than if buying a single apartment. Not only is the price lower – with several apartments in your portfolio, your occupancy rates will not have a large impact on your returns. When given the choice of 6 bedroom villa priced at AED 10 million vs. A full floor consisting of eight apartments for the same amount, 9/10 investors choose the full floor.

Tip 2: Buy Off-plan, Near Handover

Buying a property off-plan is a long term investment option. Investors prefer to minimize risk by buying as close to handover as possible. Although this approach does not allow investors to take full advantage of payment plans from the developer, many see it as a low risk, high reward scenario, regardless. Buy as close to the handover date as possible and review the developer’s past adherence to the schedule. If a developer has completed each phase of construction on-time, chances are they’re going to finish on time. Investors advise waiting a minimum of 2 years pre-handover before investing, only if the developer has a reputation for finishing on time.

Tip 3: Use a Trusted Real Estate Broker

Real estate companies that deal in Dubai properties should have the knowledge to offer advice on what and where to buy. Brokers are typically on the front lines at the Dubai Land Department, attending the latest property launches, speaking with developers and interacting with property investors and industry professionals. If choosing to buy an off-plan property, you can make use of their knowledge and connections, without paying any extra fees to the brokerage. Real estate companies dealing in off plan properties will take their commissions directly from the developer, saving the investor both time and money.

To speak with a Zola Group Property Consultant about Dubai Property buying advise you can visit our contact us page here.

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