UAE as an Offshore Tax Haven – What you Need to Know

The are  a number of benefits that one can take advantage of through company formation in an offshore tax haven country. Currently, UAE’s ratings are increasing among other traditional jurisdictions and the country is now a leading offshore tax haven offering a number of options across different Emirates and authorities. 

UAE a stable and wealthy offshore tax haven

The UAE is an attractive offshore tax haven for investors to locate their business interests for the following reasons:

  • no corporate and income taxes, no exchange control restrictions and possible to have unrestricted repatriation of income and capital
  • not subjected to rules found in Europe
  • 100% white listed jurisdiction
  • amongst the most liberal trade regimes in the Gulf region and attracts strong capital flows from across the region
  • focused on economic diversification in trade, logistics, banking, tourism, real estate and manufacturing and provides opportunities in various industries
  • has a well established infrastructure, strong banking system and a stable political system
  • even though no restrictions on company ownership by non-Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) nationals, the UAE also provides for a window of free trade zones that can allow 100% foreign ownership and a nil taxation regime
  • provides a favourable tax environment for most industries
  • party to Double Taxation Treaties
  • a high number of expatriate workers at all levels of the economy such that expatriates accounts for over 80 percent of the work force
  • culture is driven by Islamic traditions, however, with over 150 nationalities, expatriates are able to practise their own cultures
  • provides a safe and secure family environment with one of the lowest crime rates in the world

 Advantages of a UAE Offshore Company  

  • 100% foreign ownership without requirement of the involvement of any UAE national as a shareholder or sponsor
  • 100% import and export tax exemption
  • 100% income tax, personal tax, and corporate tax exemption
  • 100% repatriation on capital and profit
  • Asset protection and investment diversification, protection of Legal Asset and Investments
  • Confidentiality and privacy in operations
  • Ease of opening corporate bank account in UAE
  • Ease of international operations
  • Easy procedures for shares transfer
  • Income from taxable jurisdiction of an offshore or holding company is not taxable
  • Low operational costs, with world class banking and investment management services
  • Minimum requirement of one Director or Shareholder
  • Multi-currency bank accounts with placement of funds in bank accounts other than the home country
  • No foreign currency restrictions
  • No minimum capital requirement
  • No office space requirements and lesser infrastructural costs
  • No value-added taxes or taxes on capital gains or withholding
  • Quick incorporation

UAE Offshore company types 

Depending on the needs of each business, there are more than one options when it comes to offshore company incorporation in the UAE:    

  1. RAK Offshore Company – RAKIA
  2. Jebel Ali Offshore Company – JAFZA
  3. Ajman Offshore Company – Ajman Freezone

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