Offshore Company in UAE – The #1 Choice for Business Leaders

Going offshore has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way of managing modern business, mainly as a cost-efficient and tax-efficient strategy for entrepreneurs. Important prima facie benefits of an offshore company include freedom of operations, confidentiality and ease of running business.

An offshore company established in the UAE is ideal for any type of business that does not require a local office. This includes any passive investment activity e.g. holding shares in local or free zone companies, holding UAE real estate, or trading activities outside the UAE.

As a “tax-free” business territory, UAE is one of the better-known jurisdictions in the world for incorporating an offshore company.

What makes offshore company in UAE unique?

Compared to other offshore companies in other jurisdictions a UAE offshore company is considered as significantly more prestigious as:

  • it does not appear on any  international black lists
  • benefits from well-capitalised and solid banks operating in a sound economic environment
  • does not cause bank account opening delays or difficulties for the company and its owners 

Advantages of a UAE offshore company

  • 100% foreign ownership without requirement of the involvement of any UAE national as a shareholder or sponsor
  • 100% import and export tax exemption
  • 100% income tax, personal tax, and corporate tax exemption
  • 100% repatriation on capital and profit
  • Asset protection and investment diversification, protection of Legal Asset and Investments
  • Confidentiality and privacy in operations
  • Ease of opening corporate bank account in UAE
  • Ease of international operations
  • Easy procedures for shares transfer
  • Income from taxable jurisdiction of an offshore or holding company is not taxable
  • Low operational costs, with world class banking and investment management services
  • Minimum requirement of one Director or Shareholder
  • Multi-currency bank accounts with placement of funds in bank accounts other than the home country
  • No foreign currency restrictions
  • No minimum capital requirement
  • No office space requirements and lesser infrastructural costs
  • No value-added taxes or taxes on capital gains or withholding
  • Quick incorporation

Incorporation of a UAE offshore company is completed through an approved registered agent who are eligible and licensed to form the relevant offshore company. The agent will have to be located either in the free zone itself or in the UAE.

How can we help?

Zola Group is a registered agent and one of the market leaders in offshore business consultancy offering solutions to clients looking to minimize taxes, protect assets and limit liabilities.

While associating with Zola Group, clients get the combination of our in-depth local expertise and extensive experience, which enable us the ability to precisely understand the unique needs of our clients’ business. 

We offer

  • Registered Office with PO Box
  • Registered agent
  • Preparation of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Preparation of registration forms
  • Preparation of Incorporation certificate
  • Assistance for opening multi-currency bank account
  • Filing with the registrar of companies

What are the choices we recommend for a UAE Offshore Company?

  • Ras Al Khaima Offshore – RAKIA
  • Ajman Offshore Company – Ajman Freezone
  • Jebel Ali Offshore Company – JAFZA

To speak with a consultant about opening a UAE Offshore Company, you’re invited to contact us here.

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