Dubai Company Setup – Benefits for Global Business Owners

Dubai looks more and more like the ideal place to setup  a company. With easy geographical access to the tiger economies of the East and perfectly placed to access the growth and cash rich economies of the gulf as well as being by far the most live able place in the Middle East and with no tax, low rents, a free lifestyle and great weather, Dubai company setup makes the perfect choice. There has never been such a growing charm about Dubai and this is expected to go on for years now, especially with the coming of the World Expo 2020. Numerous companies have been setup over the past few years and have reaped huge dividends.

Dubai Company Setup Benefits

1.    Tax benefits

The amazing tax benefits are huge rage in Dubai. Everyone who chooses Dubai knows that the savings are a definite benefit. While the investor would be able to earn a lot more when it comes to any other country’s conversion rate, business owners would also stand to earn a lot by not paying a dime as tax every year. This means better savings. This is the sole reason that a lot of people are looking at shifting base to Dubai in search of work. So, no income tax on either salaries or the profits the investors make in their businesses. It comes as no surprise that Dubai is called a tax free haven.

2.    Huge Business options

There are so many markets and industries to tap in Dubai.  There are companies that are from the servicing and real estate sector that are doing fantastically well, at the same time there are tourism based companies that are on the positive. When it comes to financial guiding as well as consulting in IT services, there is a huge market available for this. The simple fact is that there are plenty of industries available to be tapped in Dubai and the question is which of these industries do you choose?

3.    100% ownership of your company

This one advantage is not seen anywhere else in the world. No other country allows the foreign to own 100% stake in the company. This is a feature that is provided in various sectors in Dubai and thus many people around the world invest their money here.

4. Investment support and promotion by the government

Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED), which is tasked with setting and driving Dubai’s economic agenda, supports the emirate’s transformation into a diversified, innovative, service and knowledge-based economy to improve the business environment and increase productivity. The DED and its four agencies develop economic plans and policies, identify and support strategic sectors, and provide essential administration services to domestic and international investors and businesses. Dubai FDI is the Foreign Investment Office of Dubai, part of the Dubai Department of Economic Development. The team guides new investors through the various stages of the investment process, including advice on business location, the legal structure that best fits their needs and linking them to government and non-government bodies to ensure a smooth business start-up and increased opportunities. Dubai FDI also offers ongoing support for the growth and expansion of established companies in Dubai, and voices any investor concerns that they believe may be inhibiting growth or development and affecting the overall investment environment.

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