Getting Documents Attested for Business in the UAE


Any undertaking by an individual or mutual agreement between two or more parties may require a certificate attestation. When setting up a business in Dubai it is crucial to have an understanding of which documents you will need from your home country that need to be translated, attested and legalised in the UAE. In general these documents may include marriage certificates, establishing commercial agent, withdrawal of partnership, diplomas, clearance certificates etc.

In order to begin the process of attestation, the concerned parties or their representatives will need to first visit the Dubai Courts Notary Public, followed by Ministry of Justice and finally The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is important to note that clients may use a proxy, such as Zola Group to run the attestation requirements, on their behalf. The following are the required steps for document attestation.

Step One: Notary Public

The first step in getting documents attested is to go to Dubai Courts Notary Public with minimum of 2 original documents and all original supporting documents, such as your passport, valid international ID or Emirates ID. If your original document needs to be in both English & Arabic, ensure that it has been legally translated & stamped on every page, prior to visiting the NP.

At reception, take a token and wait for your Notary, who will call on you to verify the document. When the notary is finished you must take a new token and meet a second official, who will be responsible for re-verifying your documents and comparing your signatures. You will then be sent to the cash counter to pay for each notarization. Collect documents that are to be attested from second official and return to the Notary, who will keep one of the original documents for the archives.

Step Two: Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice is on the 5th floor of Al Serkal Building, Near Dnata/Airport Cargo Village, Dubai. Go personally or send a representative. Pay the required fees at the reception desk and you will be redirected to one of the rooms to get your notarised documents stamped. This process should only take a few minutes and usually the fastest step in getting documents attested.

Step Three: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in Bur Dubai in the Bastakiya area, near the Omani and Jordanian consulates. At the MFA, you will be required to get your notarised and stamped documents signed by up to two officials (depending on the type of document).

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