UAE Residency


Dubai is considered a paradise for high net worth individuals (HNWIs). With renewed focus on diversifying its economy and the number of business opportunities available in the entire region, a large number of foreign entrepreneurs relocate to Dubai every year. Dubai is quickly becoming the go-to destination for high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs. The business-friendly climate and the year-round sunny weather assure that Dubai will only rise in popularity for entrepreneurs and investors looking for alternatives to established destinations such as London, Geneva, Monaco or Singapore.

With no taxes, straightforward administrative requirements and low processing costs, coupled with political stability, excellent accessibility and sunny weather all round, the UAE is indeed a very attractive proposal as a residency jurisdiction.

If you are concerned about the cost or administrative headache of a move to Dubai, lean on us as your local connection. We can help you navigate complex legal and immigration system regulations and get you, your family and your business off on the right foot. We are here to assist you at every stage of the process from getting a residency visa to securing opportunities worth millions in profits.

Why Relocate to the UAE:

  • Exemption from income tax and wealth tax for individuals
  • No quotas on the number of issued residence permits
  • No requirement to obtain a fiscal quietus from the foreign country
  • No minimum requirement regarding time spent annually in the jurisdiction other than visiting the UAE at least once every six months
  • No requirement to effectively reside in the UAE
  • Competitive costs for issuance and renewal of the residence permit
  • Competitive costs of ongoing substantiation
  • Presence of internationally recognized financial legal and tax service providers
  • Primary hub and platform to access international business
  • Political stability

UAE Residence Visa

How to Obtain One

There are a few ways of obtaining a residence visa in the UAE, but the three beneficial options for business people and their family members are:

  • Investment in a UAE Company
  • Investment in UAE Real Estate
  • Employment within the UAE

Investing In A UAE Company

As a shareholder in a business located in the UAE, you can apply for residency through a corporate structure. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to set up a company in one of  UAE’s numerous free zones. In addition to our services for clients wishing to set up a business in the UAE, we can help you apply and obtain a residence visa so you can begin enjoying the benefits of the UAE residency.

Investing In UAE Real Estate

As a real estate investor in the UAE, you may be eligible for a residence visa for up to three years. The eligibility for this visa is based on income, the value of your property, and its completion. We are experts in residency requirements for the UAE and can help you determine if you are eligible and make sure you have everything you need to apply and obtain the investor residency visa for you and your family members.


Another way to obtain a residency status in the UAE, which Zola Group can assist with, is residency though employment. All residents who are employed by a free zone or local company in the UAE can apply for and obtain a residency visa valid for a two to three year period. Normally, the employer takes care of the application and approval process, which requires a list of documents to be provide, applications to be filled, etc. We simplify the process for our corporate clients taking care of all the procedures involved and can obtain the employee UAE visas in a short period of time and with minimal hassle for the clients or their employees.

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Benefits Of Obtaining A Residence Visa In The UAE

Once the relevant criteria are met the investor, employee and their family members will enjoy access to the following benefits:

  • The right to live in UAE
  • The right to work in UAE (not with Real Estate Investor Visa)
  • Full tax free status
  • High standards of life
  • Excellent opportunities for business development
  • Economic and Political stability
  • No minimum requirement regarding time spent annually in the jurisdiction other than visiting the UAE at least once every six months