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Citizenship & Residency

Thinking of obtaining a citizenship or second passport?

We assist wealthy clients and high-net-worth investors with immigration, citizenship, residency and second passports obtained through Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) and Immigrant Investor Programs (IIP) in Europe, North America and Caribbean. See below to explore the different opportunities available.

Economic Citizenships

Where to Invest

If you are considering applying for a residency or passport under any Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) there are a number of factors to take into account:

  • The size of the investment required;
  • The length of time it will take for an applicant to become eligible for citizenship;
  • The number of days, if any, that an applicant is required to physically reside in a country;
  • Whether eligibility for citizenship is also extended to an applicant’s spouse or other dependents;
  • Whether proposed or current country prohibits dual citizenship;
  • Whether the proposed country’s passport provides visa free entry to a significant number of other countries;
  • Whether the proposed country has any requirements related to education, or management and work experience;
  • Whether the proposed country has any requirements for military or other service;
  • The costs of living in the proposed country including tax rates and tax incidence;
  • Whether the applicant’s existing country applies an exit tax or other penalties.

Currently the best citizenship by investment schemes are offered by the following jurisdictions:

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Applying for a second citizenship or residency can be a way to secure your business and future, significantly simplify travel and literally open the whole world of freedom and opportunities for investors and their family members. With our help, the application process doesn’t have to be cumbersome or frustrating. Our staff is prepared to handle all types of cases around the world. We will meet with you or your representatives, design a plan based on your current situation and then implement it in a quick and efficient manner.

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