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About Samoa

Samoa comprises two large islands and seven smaller isles. It is situated in the centre of the Southern Pacific Ocean, approximately equidistant between Honolulu and Sydney, Australia.

Samoa has an excellent international telecommunications system with telex, facsimile and international direct dial facilities via satellite. The region has embarked on drastic structural reforms, with the government heavily encouraging diversification of industry. Recent policies have led to enhanced growth in new manufacturing enterprises and offshore financial services.

The Samoan International Financial Services Authority (SIFA) regulates the Samoan offshore sector and offers two main offshore formation products: an International Company (IC) and a Limited Life Company (LLC), both of which offer global businesses superb offshore products in a highly supportive jurisdiction.

The Samoan government has enticed international investors by modernizing its legislation and streamlining the company formation process.

Benefits of Setting up an Offshore Business in Samoa

  • Samoa has no double taxation agreements with any country
  • Samoa has full political, economic and social stability
  • Samoa is not blacklisted by any international organizations list
  • The jurisdiction has strict asset protection legislation barring all foreign government court orders
  • There are no annual reporting, accounting or any financial auditing requirements for any offshore businesses
  • There are no taxes for any Samoan international offshore companies
  • Confidentiality legislation ensures privacy and criminalizes divulging of any client information
  • Advanced English Common Law legal system
  • English is used in all business and legal settings
  • The islands of Samoa are tropical paradise with a warm temperate climate
  • The Samoan government is very supportive of its offshore finance sector
  • Confidential and secure offshore legislation
  • Samoa has no currency exchange controls. All currencies may be traded freely

Key Corporate Features

Type of CompanyIC
Type of LawCommon
Shelf company availabilityYes
Time to establish a new company5 days
Corporate TaxationNil
Double Taxation Treaty AccessNo
Share capital or equivalent
Standard currencyUS$
Permitted currenciesAny
Minimum paid upUS$1
Usual authorisedUS$1,000,000
Minimum numberOne
Local requiredNo
Publicly accessible recordsNo
Location of meetingsAnywhere
Minimum numberOne
Publicly accessible recordsOptional
Location of meetingsAnywhere
Company Secretary
Local or qualifiedYes
Requirements to prepareYes
Audit requirementsNo
Requirements to file accountsNo
Publicly accessible accountsNo
Recurring Government Costs
Minimum Annual Tax / Licence FeeUS$300
Requirement to file annual returnNo
Change in domicile permittedYes

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