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About Belize

Belize became independent in 1981 after 119 years of colonization by the British Crown. Today, Belize is one of the most dynamically developing offshore-financial centers, south of Mexico. It has first-class infrastructure, a highly developed banking sector, leading edge telecommunication facilities, and beneficial business legislation.

The government of Belize has shown ongoing commitment to the development of Belize as a leading offshore jurisdiction. Through regular consultations with the private sector, the government ensures that its policies and legislation continue to meet the needs and interests of the international financial community in an environment which breeds trust and confidence.

Benefits of Setting up an Offshore Business in Belize

  • Exemption from all local taxes for international business companies
  • Availability of free zones providing facilities for manufacturing and other business activities, such as warehousing, packaging, distribution of products and services
  • Well-developed financial services industry
  • Well-developed professional infrastructure
  • Strict secrecy low, which prohibits disclose of banking and financial information
  • Common law legal system based on English law
  • Excellent telecommunications system
  • Easy access to the NAFTA members Mexico, USA and Canada by land, sea and air
  • No foreign exchange restrictions for IBC
  • Stable political system with long history of peaceful and democratic development
  • The country is not blacklisted by FATF and OECD
  • Independent country, member of well recognized political organizations, such as of the British Commonwealth, United Nations and Organization of American States.

Key Corporate Features

Type of CompanyIBC
Type of LawCommon
Shelf company availabilityYes
Time to establish a new company1 day
Minimum government fees (excluding taxation)US$100
Corporate TaxationNil
Double Taxation Treaty AccessNo
Share capital or equivalent
Standard currencyUS$
Permitted currenciesAny
Minimum paid upNo minimum required
Usual authorisedUS$50,000
Minimum numberOne
Local requiredNo
Corporate Directors PermittedYes
Publicly accessible recordsNo
Location of meetingsAnywhere
Minimum numberOne
Publicly accessible recordsNo
Location of meetingsAnywhere
Company Secretary
Local or qualifiedNo
Requirements to prepareYes
Audit requirementsNo
Requirements to file accountsNo
Publicly accessible accountsNo
Requirement to file annual returnNo
Change in domicile permittedYes

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