Seychelles Offshore Company

About Seychelles

The Seychelles Islands are located in the Indian Ocean, between the continents of Africa and India.  This independent Republic is one of the most progressive offshore centres of the world, with competitive legislation, making offshore company incorporation relatively straightforward.

Although not dissimilar to other well-established offshore jurisdictions, the laws in Seychelles take a comprehensive and modern approach to the establishment and operation of offshore companies, offshore bank accounts, mutual funds, offshore insurance and port activities.

The rapidly expanding financial sector, linked to the establishment of the Seychelles International Business Authority, is now a significant element of the economy. An ever-expanding number of international banks and insurance companies are now established, together with local management.

Benefits of Setting up an Offshore Business in Seychelles

  • Zero or absolute minimum taxation on profits and capital gains
  • High level confidentiality (no sensitive personal information registered in public records)
  • Secrecy provisions enshrined in the law and no international income or tax information-sha­ring agreements
  • Corporate flexibility with no paid-up capital, no requirement to declare operational objects, minimum requirements on directors and shareholders and speedy incorporation
  • Nominee shareholders and directors are permitted
  • Shareholders` meetings can be held anywhere
  • Minimum reporting with no auditing requirements and no tax reporting

Key Corporate Features

Type of CompanyIBC
Type of LawHybrid
Shelf company availabilityYes
Time to establish a new company2 days
Corporate TaxationNil
Double Taxation Treaty AccessNo
Share capital or equivalent
Standard currencyUS$
Permitted currenciesAny
Minimum paid upUS$1
Usual authorisedUS$100,000
Minimum numberOne
Local requiredNo
Publicly accessible recordsNo
Location of meetingsAnywhere
Minimum numberOne
Publicly accessible recordsNo
Location of meetingsAnywhere
Company Secretary
Local or qualifiedNo
Requirements to prepareYes
Audit requirementsNo
Requirements to file accountsNo
Publicly accessible accountsNo
Recurring Government Costs
Minimum Annual Tax / Licence FeeUS$100
Requirement to file annual returnNo
Change in domicile permittedYes

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