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About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a small but progressive territory on the southern tip of China, which was administrated as a British colony until 1997. Corporate law in Hong Kong is based on the British Legal System.  Hong Kong has a highly active free market economy, an overwhelming proportion of which is tied to international trade.

Hong Kong is considered a leading region for offshore incorporation due to its laws, which limit taxation of the island’s foreign residents and corporations. The People’s Republic of China permits Hong Kong’s autonomous operations and allows for even greater privacy than it had under its past British rulers.

Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, is also one of the leading financial capitals in the world. As such, several of the globe’s leading financial institutions and banks have operations there. Furthermore, it has its own currency, the Hong Kong dollar, so foreigners need not worry about transacting in the devalued Chinese Yuan.

Benefits of Setting up an Offshore Business in Hong Kong

  • There is no tax on dividends for a Hong Kong private limited company
  • Nominees possible, for anonymity and privacy
  • Simple company formation and legal framework
  • A Shareholder and a Director minimum
  • No need to reside or rent an office in Hong Kong
  • No need to employ staff
  • Corporate bank account can be located anywhere
  • Fast setup, with incorporation of a new company taking roughly 7 working days
  • No minimum capital requirement for incorporation

Key Corporate Features

Type of CompanyPrivate Limited
Type of LawCommon
Shelf company availabilityYes
Time to establish a new company1 – 5 days
Minimum government fees (excluding taxation)US$295
Corporate TaxationNil on Foreign Profits
Double Taxation Treaty AccessYes
Share capital or equivalent
Standard currencyHK$
Permitted currenciesAny
Minimum paid up share1
Usual authorisedNot Applicable
Minimum numberOne
Local requiredNo, but at least 1 natural person
Publicly accessible recordsYes
Location of meetingsAnywhere
Minimum numberOne
Publicly accessible recordsYes
Location of meetingsAnywhere
Company Secretary
Local or qualifiedLocal
Requirements to prepareYes
Audit requirementsYes
Requirements to file accountsYes
Publicly accessible accountsNo
Requirement to file annual returnYes
Change in domicile permittedNo

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